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If you know how to scroll to a specific part of the Constitution and click on a link hot spot, you can use USCons1.htm.

USCons1.htm exists to help you find commentary and information about specific parts of the Constitution on the Web.

A special effort has been made to include links to non-establishment sites. Of course, links to establishment sites are included, too.

You won't find the Library of Congress or the Emery Law School referenced there. These are fine references, especially from the establishment point of view, and may indeed be of value to the lay student of the Constitution. And links to these sites exist elsewhere on this site. But they are too general (meaning they relate to the entire Constitution instead of a specific paragraph or section) in nature to locate in one spot in USCons1.htm.

By using the USCons1.htm web page, you gain the advantage of 100's of hours spent by the dedicated staff here at TCNbP Company surfing the web in search of worthwhile information related to the Constitution. Please support this effort by downloading the TCN program and registering it. Thank you.


At the top of the Web Guide to Constitution Resources, you'll find the obligatory main title, copyright notices and the links to this information.

Below that is an index that you can use to jump straight to a specific section of the Constitution.

Below the index is the section that contains the links.

A double horizontal rule separates Articles.

A single horizontal rule separates Sections.

No horizontal rules are used between those paragraphs not identified as Sections.

For each paragraph of the Constitution, there is a left justified reference in bold followed by an italicized line of text from that paragraph.

Indented below each paragraph are links to related web site(s), if any such have been found related to that paragraph of the Constitution.

Maintainer's Comments hotspots are used to link you directly to my comments related to that Article or Section of the Constitution or comments about web resources related to a particular Article or Section of the Constitution.

By placing these comments in a separate file, I hope to avoid clutter in USCons1.htm while still being able to get in 2 cents worth here and there.

NOTE: The "Maintainer's Comments" hotspot above is for purposes of illustration only. It links back to itself. The first time you click on it, the text may shift on your browser, after that, nothing happens.


Links to USCons1.htm are welcome.

You can post copies of USCons1.htm on your page as long as you include the copyright notice, and a link to TCNbP Company's Website along with an acknowledgement of the source.

NOTE: The acknowledgement paragraph and copyright notice posted in USCons1.htm on the TCNbP Company website are acceptable. Use them.

You can add or remove links as you wish.

You can download a copy of the original version of USCons1.htm with no links, but which includes an acceptable copyright notice, acknowledgment and link. Click here to do so.

You can download or save the file USCons1.htm as currently posted on the Web by using the related feature of your browser.

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