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Books and Book Reviews

Have books gone out of style because of the web?

I think not. You can still learn a lot from them. Heck, you can learn a few things from book reviews.

Check out some of these links and see what I mean.

A Guide to the Philosophy of Objectivism An on-line book. It's worth a stop just to look at the table of contents. Seriously, you can see just by a glance at the table of contents how many commonly known concepts are intertwined.

The True Intent of the First American Constitutions of 1776-1791 Book provides the means for the reader to draw their own conclusions by comparing The Declaration of Independence, the first State Constitutions, The Federalist, The Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution in their early American context and content.

Constitutional Rights and Powers of the People Synopsis of title by W.D. Moore, copyright 1996 with on-line ordering.

Welcome to 1984 A dictionary based upon the concept of George Orwell's book 1984. I really didn't know whether to place this on the politics page or the resource page . . . Good Read.

Original Meanings; Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution Synopsis from on-line book seller.

The Un-Americans: Trashing of the United States Constitution in the American Press On-line review, title says a lot.

Contraband Magazine On-line periodical that you can view on-site with option for e-mail notification of updates. Tone is interesting to mildly inflammatory.

Natural Laws of Human Being On-line book. Even the chapter titles are compelling. Science fiction. Well worth a read.

America's Real Religion On-line book review on site maintained by author. Has obligatory endorsements from others. Also, has series of 13 excellent on-line essays.

Project Gutenberg A huge set of links to on-line books, with a few related to the Constitution.

Twenty-Five Lessons in Citizenship Naturalization process book review and ordering information.

Self-Reliance On-line text of an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

JACK LONDON, HEMINGWAY, AND THE CONSTITUTION Selected Essays, 1977-1992 By E.L. Doctorow Random House, 206 pages, $20.00 Book Review by Scott London

Forge of Union A book review of highlighted title.

A Celebration of Infidels On-line book. I learned some amazing things about early American history here.

Rebuttal to Missing 13th Amendment Article rebutting existence of "so-called" missing 13th amendment, Titles of Nobility.

Lies My Teacher Told Me Durned interesting on-line book review with interactive quiz. I may order that book if I haven't already by the time your read this.

Birth of the Political Elitism in America On-line book. Link to chapter 9 tells about James J. Hill and the US Congress. Not a pretty picture. In keeping with the gist of the immediately preceding link, I don't recall reading about this in my history text provided in public school.

Impact of Taxes on Course of Civilization On-line book review. Premise is compelling. This is another book I intend to order.

LIBERTY: Past, Present, and Future. On-line book and book review. Central concept of Liberty is germane to understanding of Constitution. Author has many good thoughts on that topic.

DEEP POLITICS Book Store Site has interesting articles and links.

The Conspiracy Bugaboo Article more than a book, but one well worth reading. Author, himself skeptical of conspiracy theories, explores ways to distinguish rational objectives and organizations from those less so.

Ideology and Political Choice Has table of contents and a sample chapter from what appears to be a very interesting book.

Citizen's Guide to US Constitution On-line book has excellent thoughts/concepts about the Constitution.

Would the Real 1st Amendment Please Stand Up? On-line book takes a close look at the 1st amendment.
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