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This page was created on November 10, 2000 for the express purpose of providing links to information about the Presidential election.

The first links I compiled are academic in nature, although some are editorial.

Scathing/radical rants to be added later. E-Mail me if you have one or know about one.

All About the Electoral College Extensive site that focusses entirely upon the electoral college Site is maintained by the state of Massachusetts.

EC - The US Electoral College Web Zine Resources, References & Stories about the much maligned U.S. Electoral College No doubt, site will have much fresh info about current situation posted daily.

The "Golden Goose" of American Politics Excellent general article on the electoral college.

Election of James Madison Article has good analysis of how the electoral college impacted the election of James Madison.

Democracy and Bureaucracy: Article contains one salient comment about the horse-trading that goes on between candidates and delegates to the electoral college.

Parties: Third Parties and Party Structure Page has one salient line about the impact of the electoral college on third parties.

. 1876: Small States Take Their Revenge Impact of the electoral college in the election of Rutherford Hayes. Site is maintained by Avagara Productions.

The Electoral College, the Year 2000 Census, and the Constitution Page has a few Constitutional excerpts and mentions the electoral college.

How the Electoral College Works A good one-page synopis about the workings of the electoral college.

Constitutional provisions affecting government information Page has excerpt from Constitution regarding electoral college. Interesting in context of other information/excerpts on the same page.