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NOTE: As of March 31, 2001, TCNbP Company plans to keep The Constitution Resource Center website open indefinitely. This page is here purely for reference purposes as part of a site history faq.

It's Time to Move On . . .

My involvement with The CONSTITUTION Notebook Program and eventually with this web site began with one argument.

And, the end of that involvement began with another argument.

The argument that occurred in the beginning took place on July 3,1989. I watched that argument on television.

The argument that occurred near the end took place in early 1999. I watched that argument on television, also.

The argument in the beginning was over Supreme court rulings about abortion and flag burning.

The argument at the end was over whether or not to convict President William Jefferson Clinton on the Articles of Impeachment presented by the House of Representatives.

Upon hearing the first arguments in 1989, I got the idea that maybe by a thorough reading and analysis of the text of the Constitution, these arguments could be definitely and finally concluded to the satisfaction of both sides on the issues involved.

And that is when I began writing The CONSTITUTION Notebook Program.

By fall of 1996, the internet was becoming popular enough that I created a web page for the TCN program.

I scoured the web daily in search of personal sites especially with information about the Constitution.

Count the links on this web site, and you'll see how many I found in two years.

By fall of 1998, the great impeachment debacle was underway.

By December of 1998, I felt my interest in the TCN program and the website flagging.

The more I looked at the impeachment proceedings, the more concerned and disheartened I became.

For if the President were convicted on these articles, it would mean that anyone could be investigated to death in the most private matters of their personal life.

And if the President were not convicted, (especially if the vote were along party lines, as it, in fact, turned out to be) then it would mean the powerful and prominent could get away with anything.

Neither outcome bode well for individual rights, as I understood, and continue to understand, them.

From watching various television shows, including Law and Order, LA Law, Hill Street Blues, and even various incarnations of Star Trek, I had come to believe that the rule of law applied equally to all. When the dust settled from the impeachment proceedings, I realized that this simply is not true.

Also untrue, I realized, was the hypothesis that I had formed in July of 1989. A thorough reading and analysis of the Constitution would not definitely and finally settle the issues of that time.

Never was this more clear to me than in the closing arguments of the impeachment proceedings. Both sides cited the Constitution in support of their position. The citations of both sides were at least highy defensible, if not, irrefutable. And the citations of both sides sounded highly persuasive.

How can the Constitution help definitely and finally settle anything when both the prosecution and the defense in the same case can utilize it to advance their position?

I could go on . . .

But whatever my questions may have been in July of 1989, the Constitution does not provide the answer.

As long as I held out hope that widespread self-study of the Constitution could help make things better, I was willing to operate TCNbP Company and its web site at a loss.

But not only has my little enterprise failed to make money, it has also failed to produce much of any kind of signs of support or active interest.

While 40 or so people on average visit the site each day, I receive emails about once every two weeks. These are usually questions about the Constitution. Almost no praise. And no criticism at all. Not even one scathing, flaming letter has landed in my email box in all this time.

In the movie Star Wars, each Jedi Knight was required to construct his own light sabre. Likewise, each person must embark on his or her own search for truth. My involvement with the TCN program and this web site has been a major thrust in my own personal search for truth.

And I would not have missed it.

But it ain't workin'.

So, I hereby resign as the resident lone voice in the wilderness.


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