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My name is Dennis.

This first picture is just so you could recognize me if we decide to meet. It was taken in September 2004.

Click Large Version to see the original. When you put your mouse over the large version, the "expand" button appears at the lower right corner. For maximum effect, click the "expand" button. The smaller pictures are for the benefit of people on dial-up connections.

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Just so you'll know, I went over to a friend's house to get these pictures made. I am watching his blue healer named Lauren play in the yard as his wife is clicking off pictures of me. I had no way of knowing when she was clicking. Of course the pictures are posed. Still . . .

Large Version

Note the slack-jawed expression. I never knew I could ever look like that! I was about to laugh at something the dog did. Somewhere between a slight closed-mouth smile and a hearty belly laugh, I had this expression on my face - and that's when she clicked.

Large Version (rotated)

Large Version

Large Version

I suppose I'll call your attention to my belt first in the picture immediately above. Notice how much belt is hanging out past the first belt loop in my pants. Since buying this belt in April or so of this year, I've had to punch 3 new holes in it to make it fit. Point - I'm actually rearranging/losing weight these days. I hope to keep improving in that area.

Update: No more yo-yo-ing! In 1980, I successfully dieted and exercised till I attained a weight of 190. Then I put it back on about a pound per month till I weighed 254 in 1984. My weight has remained there with only one or two excursions below 250. So be it. This is my body. I've learned to accept that.

In WWI, aircraft were referred to as "crates". Concerning performance of aircraft it was said, "It ain't as much about the crate as it is the man in the crate." I see my body as a crate . . . I'll likely think of your body as a crate, too. While a better looking crate helps, it's more about the person in the crate . . . .

You may have also noticed the pants are a bit "frumpy". Well, my buddy has a playful dog, so I didn't put on my Sunday best for this exercise.

Large Version

So here's a full-length shot.

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