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Hello, my name is Dennis.

This first picture is just so you could recognize me if we decide to meet. It was taken in Spring 2000, but I haven't changed a lot since then.

If you were wondering whether I have washboard abs, now you know! Also, no, I'm not a member of the hair club! (Can you believe the ads for propecia a few years back? Pregnant women shouldn't touch the tablets, but it's ok if men ingest them!)

My profile used to refer to an old beat up car. The white car visible in the background is it. I recently upgraded vehicles. The Caprice, valued at $350, sat in my yard for over six weeks with no one expressing any interest. Four doors up, across the street in the next block, a neighbor's house burned down, including his car. He is now the proud owner of the old Caprice.

Standing at this angle is not as easy as I make it look!

The Thinker!

Ah, yes. The glasses. Those were 1.25 power way back when. That worked for all situations at the time. I frequently need 2.25's anymore. I suppose I should have my eyes examined, but my friends tell me to just wait till I can have my whole head done!

My favorite beverage! Ah, yes! Refined in heaven! Did I mention I'm a tee totaller? I drank my share, then put it down in 1988. Had to. Your body, your decision. If you're ok with your consumption of alcohol, so am I. Don't be offended if I decline that offer.

These pictures are from another "shoot" as you can see by the different attire and the longer hair. I'm sort of in one of my preferred natural habitats here, being close to a personal computer. Not mine, though. A little old lady with a digital camera needed help with her computer. So there I am in her living room. She took a few shots for me so I could share the glorious vision of my appearance with my on-line chat buddies.

If you notice the stubble, it was early Saturday morning, before I finished my first pot of coffee when she called. So I threw on my work clothes and went on over. If you popped in unexpectedly, it would not be unusual to find me this unkempt. I'm 50. Why should I try to kid you?

Nonetheless, I clean up nicely, or so I'm told, and will happily do so when we go out. If that ever happens, maybe we can take some pics of that to put here.

This angle is even tougher in a chair!