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Links on this page can take you to patriotic pages or to the pages of "watchdog" groups.

Note: Most recent dead links purge - March, 2001.


The Militia Movement and the Internet Page summarizes research done by an individual identifying himself as "a Rutgers University junior". Site content is non-alarmist in tone, and is thus, as compared to most sites that "investigate" militia sites, downright positive.

Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia Has definition of militia, etc. Found September, 1998.

Minnesota Minuteman Militia Page found early September, 1998.

Anti Patriots Page Maintained by an individual of the opinion that those who call themselves patriots are nuts.

Ultimate List Links to militia groups and militia watchdog groups, hundreds of the former, dozens of the latter. Be prepared to get a 503, server is too busy right now message when you click this, but keep going back if you want to access the ultimate list of militia links. This link accomplishes the purpose intended for this page so there may be no further additions to this page.

Annuit Coeptus Novus Ordo Seclorum What do these words mean? Visit the page and find out. Tone is mildly inflammatory. Standard anti-establishment, conspiracy theories are presented.

Definition Excellent discourse on the meaning of "militia". Has concise breakdown of related clauses in Constitution along with relevant extra-Constitutional citations.

MILITIA/PATRIOT GROUPS Page of a watchdog group with links to various patriotic/militia group pages.

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