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Site Mission

The mission of TCNbP Company's website is to promote individual study of the Constitution.

The website achieves its mission in three ways:

TCN Program available for download.
Links to other sites on the web with information related to the Constitution.
Links to book listings related to the Constitution.

These three types of resources aid in your on-line and off-line study of the US Constitution.

Site Philosopy

In pursuit of its mission, TCNbP Company employs web pages which are fast loading and uncluttered.

The intent of these pages is to inform rather than to persuade.

The scope of links posted on this site is intended to be inclusive and broad. With some exceptions (see Off-Site Link Criteria), links to all persuasions regarding the Constitution will be posted when found.

NOTE: Be prepared to find links to sites addressing the same issue while holding diametrically opposite positions.

NOTE: Frankly, the scope described above has not been observed from day one. Sites of patriotic or religious tone are noteably absent from this site. A separate page for each will be added soon along with a potpourri bookmark page that (with no accompanying description) includes nearly every site ever visited in search of those previously posted.

Benefits of Using this Site

The primary benefit of using this site is time.

You get the benefit of the time spent finding these links. How much time is that? Hundreds of hours, literally. Well over 10,000 search engine reports were reviewed and well over 2,000 sites have been visited to obtain the links on this site.

The organization of the links and the html source of the pages with minimal graphics wastes none of your time in accessing the links.

The 1 to 3 line descriptions can help you decide which links to visit.

Depth, Interactivity, and Thoroughness

As compared to watching tv, listening to radio, or even reading a book, studying the Constitution via your computer, the TCN program, and this site has got to be much more productive.
Many issues go unreported in the media. The range of positions, supporting arguments and rebuttals are often only lightly touched upon even for those issues that are covered.
NOTE: To read a full page of text requires 3 to 4 minutes. Most media "spots" are 45 seconds to 2 minutes long. Nearly all pages linked to on this site are at least a printed page long and the TCN program includes over 100 pages of rights commentary.
The chance to interact with proponents is limited in media (even in live talk shows) and books.
The depth, interactivity, and thoroughness provided by the TCN program and this web site is vastly superior to media and books.

Off-Site Link Criteria

Generally, a link to another site will be posted if it is worth stopping by and it has a significant amount of material related to the Constitution.

NOTE: The following information can help you know what to expect and what not to expect when you visit links from this site.

The following criteria favor a link to a site:

Maintainer broaches issues clearly related to the Constitution.
Maintainer cogently argues a position on that issue.
Maintainer rationally rebuts positions other than his/her own.
Persuasive arguments supporting or rebutting a particular position.

The following criteria weigh against a link:

Expletives, while allowed for emphasis, are frowned upon. Sites with a few thrown in can get a link if otherwise agreeable.
Slang terms for copulation are just not productive, and can, when spotted, in and of themselves, result in a decision for no link.
Personal attacks, however well veiled, weigh against a link. Links, if any, to such sites (with little or nothing else) will be accompanied by remarks to that effect posted in an associated Maintainer's Comments or mc link.
Excessively inflammatory rhetoric, including personal attacks, but also extending to language which openly promotes or could likely incite violent acts . . . . Yes, this criteria is highly subjective; however, no matter how many ills one may legitimately cite regarding current policies and activities undertaken in the name of our government, there is no excuse to advocate something worse while asserting it is a solution. Can anyone bright enough to click a mouse actually believe anything like that?

Off-Site Link Evaluation

The majority of the posted off-site links are evaluated in 5 minutes or less.

Occasionally, a site is so interesting that much more time is spent there. You can spot these by the length and tone of the descriptive text.

An attempt is made to produce a brief (1 to 3 lines) description of each site that tells you a little more than the title. Most titles are lifted from the site.

Range of Off-Site Link Relevancy

Off-site links are either directly or indirectly relevant to the Constitution.

Examples of directly relevant links would be a page that discusses the judiciary or 1st amendment rights. Such links can be found on the Web Guide to the Constitution page as they are related to specific articles in the Constitution.

An example of an indirectly relevant link would be a page that discusses individual responsibility or philosopy. Links to such pages can be found on the Politics page or Resources page.

Supporting this Site

To support this site, you can download the fully-functional freeware version of the TCN program and then order the enhanced version.

Also, you can click the various links on my site and make your book purchases. See letter.

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