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Links to Politically Active Sites

Disclaimer: TCNbP Company reserves the right to exercise some discretion before placing links to other sites on this page; however, even though a corresponding link to another page may be displayed here, TCNbP Company does not necessarily share or endorse any opinion expressed on that page.

NOTE: New links are added at the top of the list. The further down you go, the older the link and the greater the possibility that it may dead. Most recent dead link purge: July, 2000.

OpinioNet (dot) com A media site with on-line polls, articles, etc.

Poker Face This is the web site of an Allentown, Pennsylvania rock band. Site has extensive text related to the US Constitution. That's definitely unique among all my links! Check 'em out!

This Nation Media site related to current issues, etc. Worth a look.

Justice Fellowship a non-profit public policy organization, is dedicated to advancing Biblically based restorative justice principles throughout the United States. How many harmless souls are incarcerated in the Bible? That's how old the need for restorative justice has existed. Remember the clause in the Preamble, "to establish justice"? Perhaps that is the variety of justice this group hopes to restore.

Liberty and Libertarians Very extensive page, pro-libertarian with discussions of concept of liberty.

Republican Liberty Caucus The conscience of the Republican party. Advocates for Individual Rights, Limited Government and Free Markets. A national GOP-affiliate organization formed in 1988 which represents individuals supporting limited government, personal freedom, and legislation based on constitutional principles and limitations. The RLC works to elect like-minded Republicans to public office at all levels and to influence public policy.

Law Guru (dot) Com A very surfer-friendly web site for a professional law firm.

The Community Action Network An activism type BBS site who was kind enough to link to this site.

No Monarchy Site advocates self-study of the US Constitution to ensure we all live in a Republic, not a monarchy.

The Old Farmer's Freedom Pages Site is maintained by an individual who is politically active on-line and in real life.

The Lies of Socialism An essay blasting socialism. Is strong in tone. Author makes some excellent points.

Planet Goldberg, Full Frontal Conservatism Your Foundation of Conservative Opinion & News Since 1998 ©

Lady Freedom This page got a link because the word responsibility was used in the same sentence with the word freedom. Site links to separate pages on US History, and Freedom.

Moore's Laws of Bureaucracy Addresses bureaucracies, a favorite pet peeve of mine. For further reading on that topic see The Peter Principal, Parkinson's Law, or Malice in Blunderland.

Left, Right & Center Your one-stop site for media/celebrity sites related to politics. Currently (December 1999), 79 links are available to sites expressing views left, right, and center.

Searching for Equilibrium A series of essays revolving around ideas that never perish.

Liberty Boats A brief, but telling, article about rights, military, and perhaps soon, civilian as well.

The Price of Freedom A personal essay.

The Dream Machine A site continuously maintained since January 2, 1995 by two individuals of Libertarian leanings. Has frequent editorial postings.

Gun Control - Enough Site has been updated since Colombine school shootings. Has rational arguments against increased gun control.

The AppleJack A mixed view about the "Civil War Amenmdents" and Federal expansionism.

Bill of Rights Enforcement Site Site advocates people-based re-establishment/enforcement of Bill of Rights.

Bill of Rights This site is where I found the link to the above site.

Liberty Australia Yet another Australia-based site with issues and positions easily transposed to terms applicable here in the gool ol' US of A.

Electronic Policy Network Timely information and ideas about national policy and politics.

Jesse Reynolds South Korea-based site has 2 essays of likely interest to visitors here, 1 essay of unlikely interest. Essays address connections perceived by writer between observable events in South Korea with philosopy, society, government, and people. Remarks are easily translated to current US events. See mc.

Eternal Vigilance Dedicated to educating the public about politics. SPECIFICALLY the politics concerning FREEDOM, CIVIL RIGHTS, and the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Constitutional Restoration Discussion area on Yahoo.

Free Republic Site contains mostly anti-Clinton information and links - although among sites of this genre, this one has the most rational tone.

Welcome to Dan's Pages Some words from a conservative with a few of his own thoughts.

REVIVING DEMOCRACY: A Citizen's Guide to Practical Political Reform - an essay for the average Citizen or college student by a political science instructor. Broaches a series of non-partisan issues and advocates Citizen's responsibility.

Stars and Stripes Forum Page has information about videos related to Oklahoma City bombing and another about the dumbing down of the church.

Colonel Sander's Page Some interesting observations about life in the USA by an ex-military bratt now engaged in chicken ranching.

Consumption Tax Interesting statements in support of a consumption tax at the top of a series of Anti-Clinton rhetoric.

Western's Page This page earned a link just because the maintainer says he couldn't tell the difference between those parties identifying themselves as liberal and those identifying themselves as conservative. I happen to agree with that!

Derrick C. Johnson for President Web site of a candidate for President of the United States in the Year 2,000. Remember, you found him here first! Before Dan Rather. Before Bernard Shaw. Before Geraldo Rivera, even! Seriously, will the "mainstream media" ever allow this guy's name to be mentioned on the air?

Jesse's Wisdom Filled Pages Maintainer rationally expresses his views on the 2th and 10th amendments. On his top page, he invites e-mail conversations regarding the Constitution.

Flag Wire Clips about flag issues from around the globe. What the TCNbP web site is to the Constitution, this site apparently intends to become to flags.

Proper Government A 26-part essay about proper government and the future of humanity.

Statement of Principles An intense (livid) rant about rampant government.

Stop Abuse of Immigrants This page has some interesting excerpts from the Constitution. Maintainer has done a good job of presenting those aspects of the Constitution related to his issue of interest which happens to be the rights of immigrants.

Lessons Of The Past A walk through the writings of those who are our past. Great Americans who have left behind a legacy of sacrifice, so that we might have liberty.

Citizen Soldier A site with the stated mission, "To help the men and women of America's armed forces understand the Constitution and principles of freedom they have sworn to defend, and to help all citizens fulfill their right and duty to participate in their government."

Washington State People's Assembly Site of a political organization that identifies itself as "A Concerned Political Group". Site is new (August 16, 1998) with only a few pages established for the various links suggested by the top page. Available pages exhibit a decent tone considering the ills addressed.

The FreeCitizen On-Line Site is dedicated to "God, Family, and Country", apparently in that order. Has cartoons, editorials, and a public message board. Site has excellent tone.

Return To Common Sense A Call To Citizenship ...Being a Continual Pursuit of the Ideals of the American Revolution and Common-Sense Viewpoints on Contemporary Society... Site has a series of essays that are fairly described by the preceding description lifted from the site.

Home Page of Andrew Langer Maintainer is a politically active individual with an interest in property rights and other Constitutional concepts/current issues. He has "guested" on patriotic talk radio.

Glenn Woiceshyn Site maintained by a Canadian freelance writer. Several linked articles compare and contrast American and Canadian history/politics. Some worthy analysis, observations and comments are contained in these articles. Letters to the editor toward the bottom of the page contain a couple of definitions of happiness - a concept alluded to in the Declaration and thus imminently relevant to proper government in any location.

The Rational Anarchist An extensive site related to anarchism. Good content. Good tone. Not always well received by visitors as indicated by guestbook. Immediately became an entry on my Top Ten Sites list.

Essay An excellent probing essay into the methods of control employed in modern American society.

LOUISVILLE FLAG COMMITTEE Maintainer supports protection of the flag. mc

Flag Burning Maintainer supports toleration of flag burning. mc

We Hold These Truths . . . Arizona-based group with information about behind-the scenes influences in current events. Site has on-line book store.

Democracy Consultation & Services, Inc. Maintainer believes, "if we practice our precious rights and responsibilities we will create a more just, tranquil, safe, healthy and free society."

WHOSE GOVERNMENT over WHOSE COUNTRY? Maintainer presents a variety of issues in a concise format related to government, rights and the Constitution.

Constitutionalist Party A response to the intractability of the Libertarian party and the maintenance of the status-quo provided by the Democrats and Republicans.

NeoPolitique NeoPolitique is a student-initiated and student-staffed publication of Regent University's Robertson School of Government.

Freedom Pages Maintained by a junior at PSU with a double major of Political Science and Journalism (with a business minor), this page currently has links to a couple of supreme Court cases with a promise of more to come. (I wonder if this guy can find any economic stuff related to the concept of individual freedom and the Constitution?)

Liberal? Libertarian? Conservative? This page is interesting for its definitions of some frequently used terms, if nothing else. Also, links to top page of the Michigan-based organization it describes in these terms. An interesting stop even if you're not from Michigan.

Free Minds Require Free Markets A links page by an individual seriously involved with homeschooling.

The Kossor Education Newsletter The "Political Spectrum" graphic at the top of this page alone is worth the mouse click it takes to get there. Page also has an extensive assortment of information about the ills of current education practices in the US.

Alternatives Site opens with a compelling quote about nationhood and individuality from Murray N. Rothbard. It's worth stopping by just for that. Nice links, too.

Intellectual Capital Dot Com Some major political players, including Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Simon, contribute to this on-line weekly publication in its second year.

The Separation of School & State Alliance Resolved: Government should not dominate men's minds any more than their souls, hence Americans need the separation of school & state . . . If that sounds good to you (and maybe even if it doesn't), this is a good place to visit.

Strange Bedfellows Politics in negative space. An interesting page and set of links.

Confederacy of Useful Idiots A lighthearted look at the central points of the "New World Order" conspiracy theory.

Liberty Round Table Site advocates liberty achieved thru Arthurian (as in King Arthur and the knights of the round table) ideals.

Liberty Matters A Website on Current Issues, Strategies and Public Policy of Constitutional Consequence.

L.E.A.D.E.R.S. An organization dedicated to political action based on a sound understanding of the Constitution.

Independence Institute Site of a Colorado-based group concerned by current trends of "government" activities. Has good range of issues and tone.

Death of a Nation Despite the gloomy title, maintainer compiles a good collection of essays written by visitors in response to other material on-site. Good issues, good tone.

Firearms Rights Sites Links to sites interested in research and documentation of individual rights and "government" abuses thereof, not strictly related to firearms.

Musings of a Windmill Jouster Some commentary of a Marine who reads Don Quixote and sympathizes with the old South.

Victim's Rights Amendment Site of group hoping to address some current ills with a Constitutional amendment.

Washington Libertarian On-line periodical publication. Call of freedom in the Northwest.

abcdefg A basic Citizen's definitive electronic freedom guide.

Politics, Freedom & The Law Antifascist theme with spirituality, entheogens, politics, culture, and books sections.

Gatewood Galbraith Homepage of a Kentucky lawyer touting himself as the last free man in America.

The Winds An on-line periodical news publication. Tone is slightly alarmist.

Big Bwanna's Page Personal home page with Constitutional comments/essays. Searching for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

Chris BeHanna's Home Page Personal home page with a great set of political resource links.

Legislative Terrorists Kill First Amendment! Comments on Oklahoma City bombing and First Amendment.

Kingdom of Merovingia A light-hearted micro-nation page.

Mel's Lobbying Pages A fisherman's tale about the rights that got away . . .

Stan Devin's Home Page Great set of resource links. In fact, I don't know why I put this on the politics page. Definitely worth a stop.

Espresso Underground a non-partisan, non-affiliated student organization...

homepage van Paul.Treanor From the Netherlands, some interesting commentary on the net itself, world politics, including US politics. A good cyber-stop.

Colorado Term Limit Coalition A page advocating adoption of term limits and discussing current related events.

Grapevine Publications Site advocates change at a personal level.

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries Below the guns stuff (about 2 pages) is a very nice set of links.

The Jeffersonian Perspective Commentary on Today's Social and Political Issues Based on the Writings of Thomas Jefferson

Social Trends Broaches various issues related to the impact of government on the individual.

Lizard's Political FAQs Issues broached by the maintainer appear relevant, the positions advocated viable, and supporting arguments persuasive. Drop by and see what I mean.

50 States Bills of Rights is part of the Harbornet virtual community political bulletin board. You can access your State's Bill of Rights and other good stuff.

Contra Mundum On-line magazine.

Natural Law A compilation of personal comments on natural law with some pretty good references.

Center for a New Constitution Site reviews ills of current Republic - proposes a new Republic with new Constitution.

American Freedom Committee The opening comments at this site got my attention, probably will get yours, too.

Advocates for Self Government Yet another web site with Libertarian overtones, nonetheless, its opening page is worth a look even if you don't go any further.

Constitution Society Interesting site. Would have put it under resources except that it contains an endorsement for a telephone company.

American Studies Web Some good source stuff with some agenda items thrown in.

CENTER FOR WISE DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES Proposes a Constitutional amendment intended to make govenment more reflective of the Peoples' will.

AntiShyster Magazine On-line version of the hard copy publication dedicated to raising hell for lawyers. A straight-on look at the seamy underbelly of "the best legal system in the history of the world."

The National Political Index Site maintained by Americans Who Work for a Living (AWWL). Great set of grass roots links.

DEEP POLITICS Book Store Site has interesting articles and links.

LibertyOnline® Home Page Site has good source information, nice (brief) art, interesting articles and links.

PROSOX Given the almost total devotion of the net to the CDA at this time (11/96), this site's attention to a different aspect of the 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights is refreshing. Maintainer seems equally interested in freedom from religion as in freedom of religion.

The Privacy Pages Maintainer has services and information related to the 4th amendment.

CIRF A page dedicated to discussion about freedom and responsibility. Has some interesting stuff about money, too.

The Place of the Individual In Society A pertinent issue broached and addressed by an anarchist. If you consider yourself to belong to some other persuasion, what do you consider to be the individual's place in society?

Quotes of Note Check out the political and patriotic quotes section.

Andrew's Course in Anarchy Anarchy 101 by a rational enthusiast.

Sovereignright's Home Page Information, news, and links related to individual sovereignty.

Failure Analysis of 20th Century Economics Page is maintainer's 'book' on the Web, and and contains an extensive 'natural law thesis'. This thesis provides a new and un-precedented description of the circular flow of money (units of currency) of any national household. Facts and figures in the 'Technical Appendices' of this thesis support the monetary and tax policy changes referred to as "Corrective Actions" required for the 21st Century.

American Freedom Committee Takes unchecked power to task in either its communistic manifestation or in its predatory capitalistic manifestation.

Janyce's Soap Box (Personal Philosophy & Opinions) FREEDOM The word freedom is emphasised in the title of this page, but I linked to it because the word responsibility is prominent in the body of the page. Is one page on a personal site with several pages addressing various current political issues.

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