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The following material is excerpted from the TCN program README.DOC file.


The TCN program is a Constitutional study aid for the independent minded PC user. It is produced by TCNbP Company and distributed on a freeware basis.

Major features of the freeware version are:

* Very faithful rendition of the Constitution

* Extensive rights commentary

* Interactive Search and Indexing capabilities

* Tutorial (use on-screen or print hard copy)

* Custom selection of fonts(Windows versions only)


With the freeware copy you get a very faithful rendition of the text of the complete United States Constitution through the 27th amendment which includes the Ratification Resolution as well as the Resolution proposing the Bill of Rights.

The rendition of the Constitution included with the TCN Program is likely the most faithful copy of it to be found outside the National Archives.


With the freeware version you get over 100 pages of comments about rights. The comments compare and contrast text of the following significant historical rights documents with the Constitution and each other:

* Magna Carta

* English Bill of Rights

* Declaration of Independence

* French Bill of Rights

* Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The complete text of each of these documents is presented on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. Following most paragraphs, comments prepared by TCNbP Company highlight important concepts about that paragraph. Related phrases of the Constitution are cross referenced using the interactive indexing feature of the TCN program.

Comments and indexed phrases can be edited by the user.

Additional topics can be created by the user.

You can print out commentary or save in an ASCII file on disk for embellishment using your word processor.


Using the search feature of the TCN program, you can quickly find a phrase of interest in the Constitution. OR, you can more quickly determine with confidence whether or not a "remembered" phrase is contained in the Constitution.

While researching an aspect of Constitutional interpretation of interest to you, you can use the interactive search capability to find related phrases. Then, you can use the interactive indexing capability to link or cross reference that phrase to a topic heading within the program. The topic heading can be created by you or provided by TCNbP Company.


Tutorial instructions can be viewed on screen or printed out.

A convenient method is provided to alternately view the tutorial and the TCN program screens. A single mouse click or key combination does it for you.


You can select a separate type style for the text of the Constitution, the helps, or the commentary from within the freeware version of the TCN Program.

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