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Ring Links

Updated August, 2000

Links on this page are to web rings which are in some way or another germane to the Constitition.

See Web Rings 101 at the bottom of the page for more.

History Ring Ring has over 1000 sites related to various aspects of history the world over.

Member of the Liberty Activist Web Ring
Liberty Activists Web Ring

The American Colonies Webring This netring is devoted to sites related to the period of North America's Colonial Past. Member sites contain information on North American Colonies / Indian Relations / Politics / Military / or Social History from 1492 until 1877.

The Individualist Ring The Individualist Ring is a nonpartisan webring of sites with two major purposes: the promotion of a strong sense of individualism and firm opposition to any form of collectivism.

Western Civilization and Democracy Webring This webring celebrates Western civilization and its universal values of individual freedom, political democracy and equal rights for all.

The Green Dragon Tavern Where was planned the destiny of our country ... and plotted the course of freedom which we now sail.

Ring of Conservative Sites To become a member of the ring, you must have a web page which is obviously a politically conservative page, or a web site that has some politically conservative information or links on it. This is a politically conservative ring, so liberal oriented sites will not be accepted.

Legal Research Ring This web ring is dedicated to anyone who is interested in doing legal research on Internet and is intended to facilitate doing legal research over the Internet. Let's do legal research on Internet!

People Before Lawyers The rights of people come before the profits of lawyers. I want to link in sites that are active in the legal reform movement.

Web Rings 101

A web ring is a voluntary association of web sites.

Mutual selection is performed by the ring owner and ring member site owners.

Numerous web rings are available at Ring World. That site has a seach feature to help you find rings of interest to you.

That search facility was used to find the web rings listed here on this page.

Yahoo Webrings Yahoo now has a heading for webrings. You never know what you might find there!

Ring Surf This site has a large assortments of rings with search-engine-browser-section-like headings.

Web Ring Navigation from this Page

When you go to one of the sites listed here, click on the List Sites hyperlink. Twenty sites are listed on a page with descriptions prepared by the site owner and reviewed by the ringmaster. Thus, the descriptions can actually be helpful to you in deciding which site(s) to visit. You can use your brower's back button to return to the sites listing.

Default Web Ring Navigation

On each member site in a web ring, there is an icon associated with the web ring.

On that icon, there are Previous and Next hyperlinks or buttons. These take you to the site next to the current site on the web ring list.

To get to the web ring home page, click the Next 5 Sites or Previous 5 Sites hyperlink. When the list of 5 sites appears, look for the Ring Home Page hyperlink and click on it.

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