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This page gives you access to information about the TCN program and downloading hyperlinks.

Read the information on this page and access other information as desired.

If the TCN program looks promising to you, click the download hyperlink.

Note: AoL subscribers: The TCN program is available for download in the AoL library. If you or someone you know subscribes to AoL, that is another source for the zip file. Use "TCNbP" or "Constitution" as a search key.

What, EXACTLY, is written in the United States Constitution? . . .

and . . .

What does it MEAN?

Any sound attempt to interpret the Constitution must address these two questions, especially the first.

The CONSTITUTION Notebook (TCN) Program can help you answer these two questions for yourself and to your own satisfaction.

Use its INTERACTIVE SEARCH feature with its faithful rendition of the Constitution through the 27th amendment to answer the first question.

Review its extensive (100+ pages) of rights commentary to help you answer the second question.

Create notes with its notebook features (has INTERACTIVE INDEXING capability and comments box) to help you remember what you learn about the Constitution.

Necessary documentation is included in a tutorial that can be viewed on-screen or printed out.

Register to receive additional materials related to the study of the Constitution, additional program features, and a list of Constitution study resources.

TCN Intro . TCN Readme.doc . TCN Topic Excerpt . TCN About Text . TCN Freeware License . New in 4.3

TCN Program Download Locations:

  Download Location 1  

Note: TCN download file size is 1.37 megabytes.

TCN System Requirements

Freeware Version 4.3 of the TCN Program requires 2.5 meg if your hard drive is doublespaced, 2.0 meg if it is not doublespaced. The TCN Program works fine on a system with 16 meg of RAM, has not been tried with less. This version installs and runs on Windows 95 and later. It will not run under Windows 3.1x.

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