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This file is intended to help me and others participate in Gmax's full TOS series episode review project. A link to each pertinent post is included.

TOS Reviews Announcement made by Gmax 2/21 with two replies from me.

Links to Reviews

  1. "This Side of Paradise" Posted 2/21 with 3 replies. My comments mention Gilgamesh, Bible, and struggle.

  2. "Elaan of Troyius" Posted 2/24 with 2 quick responses and one late response from mole2. My comments mention diplomats, love and duty.

  3. "The Devil in the Dark" Posted 2/25 with 3 quick responses. My comments mention dualism/Gilgamesh, fear, perceptions.

  4. "Friday's Child" Posted 3/1 with 3 replies My comments mention old stomping grounds and the TNG episode "Justice"

  5. "The Mark of Gideon" Posted 3/5 with 3 replies. My comments relate to any concept carried to its ultimate expression produces rediculous results and overpopulation.

  6. "The Menagerie - Part I" Posted 3/6 with 2 replies. I mention hell and Pike's wheelchair.

  7. "The Menagerie - Part II" Posted 3/7 with 4 replies. This is where I describe GR's passing of the keys to the kingdom.

  8. "Who Mourns for Adonais?" Posted 3/10 with 8 replies. I do a list of encounters with powerful aliens, including examples from TNG and Voyager. WLM weighs in with some lines from Shelley that he believes might be the source of the ep title.

  9. "The City on the Edge of Forever" Posted 4/2 with 8 replies. My comments relate to love in TOS.

  10. "Assignment: Earth" Posted 4/2 with 5 replies. Meddling aliens/prime directive.

  11. "Whom Gods Destroy" Posted 4/6 with 6 replies. My comments mention power, pride, duality, Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

  12. "Miri" Posted 4/7 with 4 replies. My comments include a list of TOS eps that significantly involve children.

  13. "Plato's Stepchildren" Posted 4/8 with 6 replies. My comments focus on undisciplined power.

  14. "The Deadly Years" Posted 4/9 with 3 replies. My comments focus on age as a state of mind.

  15. "The Immunity Syndrome" Posted 4/11 with 4 replies. Things big enough to kick the Enterprise's @$$, that kind of power. I deleted my first shot at this when I pressed the Esc key instead of ~

  16. "The Galileo Seven" Posted 4/16 with 8 replies. WLM weighs in on this one. Theme of the day is eps involving isolation of various crewmembers.

  17. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Posted 4/17 with 4 replies so far. I mention my 5-as-yet-unseen-eps-in-one-day experience and talk about hate.

  18. "Wolf in the Fold" Posted 4/17 with 3 replies so far. My comments meander about Babylon 5, evil, freedom, Bible, holy stuff, Constitution.

  19. The Alternative Factor Posted 4/22 with 5 replies the same day. Duality.

  20. Arena Posted 4/23 with 6 replies the same day. Encounters with vastly superior alien races.

  21. Patterns of Force Posted 4/24 with 4 repliews thru the 25th. WLM weighs in. Theme of the day is eps that are lifted from Earth's history.

  22. Squire of Gothos Posted 4/26 with 6 replies. Here is a list of episodes with significant elements related to power, its possession, and its exercise:

  23. The Tholian Web Posted 4/30 with 6 replies. My comments refer back to comments made previously about isolation of portions of crew and 5-as-yet-unseen-eps-in-one-day. I attempt encounters with unknown, but abandon that theme in favor of eps that involve insanity.

  24. Where No Man Has Gone Before Posted 5/1 with 7 replies so far. My comments focus on the sudden unexpected acquisition of new personal powers by sentient beings.

  25. Mirror, Mirror Posted 5/6 with 9 replies. WLM weighs in. My comments include 3 references to prior reviews with comments about duality. Then I mention Kirk's self-possession.

  26. Wink of an Eye Posted 5/6 with 5 replies. My comments harken back to another review involving isolation of one or more crewmembers.

  27. The Conscience of the King Posted 5/8 with 4 replies. My comments harken back to 5 as-yet-unseen-by-me eps in one day, plus to the insanity list. I mention the 15 first seamless episodes and Kirk's self-possession.

  28. By Any Other Name Posted 5/8 with 4 replies. My comments get into the what makes us humans human question as it relates to TOS ala the Kelvans and androids.

  29. The Enterprise Incident Posted 5/13 with 8 replies. I got little from this episode and my comments reflect that. I mention insanity and episodes where the crew think Kirk is dead.

  30. And the Children Shall Lead Posted 5/15 with 4 replies. I focus on Kirk's self-possession, power, and mention Gilgamesh.

  31. Obsession Posted 5/16 with 4 replies. I mention GR's fascination with Milton and compare this episode to "Moby Dick".

  32. The Corbomite Maneuver Posted 5/19 with 4 replies. I broach "ship in peril", "fear of unknown" in my comments.

  33. All Our Yesterdays Posted 5/23 with 9 replies. My comments touch on time travel and duality.

  34. The Apple Posted 5/27 with 8 replies. I touch on paradise and computers in charge.

  35. Shore Leave Posted 5/29 with 5 replies. I don't know how to summarize my comments.

  36. The Changeling Posted 5/30 with 6 replies.

  37. A Taste of Armageddon Posted 6/3 with 6 replies.

  38. Dagger of the Mind Posted 6/5 with 5 replies.

  39. The Omega Glory Posted 6/12 with 6 replies. My comments focus on the concept of "obsession" in the context of trek and Melville. I mention the TNG movie "Insurrection", which has significant story elements in common with "The Omega Glory".

  40. Spock's Brain Posted 6/13 with 4 replies. I comment on power and the individual need for struggle.

  41. A Piece of the Action Posted 6/17 with 7 replies. WLM weighs in. I ramble on about Cosmos, individual ability to imitate, need for instruction. I could have made a comparison between THE BOOK and The Bible and mentioned GR's 5 favorite works, wish I had.

  42. Return of the Archons Posted 6/20 with 4 replies. WLM weighs in. I compiled a list of episodes involving computers.

  43. A Private Little War Posted 6/21 with 10 replies, mine being the last.

  44. For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Posted 6/23 with 5 replies.

  45. Return to Tomorrow Posted 6/25 with 6 replies.

  46. The Doomsday Machine Posted 6/27 with 7 replies.

  47. The Paradise Syndrome Posted 6/28 with 4 replies.

  48. The Naked Time Posted 7/3 with 4 replies. I wound up reviewing and combining the first 6 TOS eps in my review of this one.

  49. What Are Little Girls Made Of? Posted 7/3 with 6 replies.

  50. The Way to Eden Posted 7/7 with 5 responses.

  51. Mudd's Women Posted 7/7 with 6 responses.

  52. Balance of Terror Posted 7/11 with 11 replies (I'm not there yet)

  53. The Enemy Within Posted 7/11 with 5 replies

  54. The Cage Posted 7/16 with 6 replies.

  55. I, Mudd Posted 7/18 with 4 replies.

  56. The Day of the Dove Posted 7/22 with 4 replies.

  57. Is There In Truth No Beauty? Posted 7/24 with 4 replies.

  58. Journey to Babel Posted 7/24 with 4 replies.

  59. Court Martial Posted 7/25 with 1 reply.

  60. The Empath Posted 7/26 with no replies.

  61. Errand of Mercy Posted 7/29 with 8 replies.

  62. That Which Survives Posted 7/31 with 5 replies.

  63. Tomorrow is Yesterday Posted 8/1 with 4 replies.

  64. The Savage Curtain Posted 8/5 with 9 replies.

  65. Metamorphisis Posted 8/6 with 6 replies.

  66. Amok Time Posted 8/9 with 6 replies.

  67. Operation: Annihilate! Posted 8/13 with 5 replies.

  68. Charlie X Posted 8/15 with 3 replies.

  69. Bread and Circuses Posted 8/20 with 3 replies.

  70. Requiem for Methuselah Posted 8/22 with 9 replies.

  71. The Ultimate Computer Posted 09/01 with 8 replies. WLM weighs in and I respond.

  72. The Cloudminders Posted 09/02 with 10 replies. My response is on technology and compares Statos with urban blight caused by automobile.

  73. Space Seed Posted 9/4 with 10 replies. Turbine57 has some nice words for me.

  74. Catspaw Posted 9/7 with 3 replies thus far.

  75. The Trouble with Tribbles Posted 9/10 with 8 replies.

  76. Spectre of the Gun Posted 9/12 with 9 replies.

  77. The Gamesters of Triskelion Posted 9/15 with 5 replies so far.

  78. The Man Trap Posted 9/17 with 2 replies.

  79. Turnabout Intruder Posted 9/24 with 6 replies.

  80. Lights of Zetar Posted 9/26 with 4 replies.

Miscellaneous Links

Air Order List . . Captain Quacer's Production Order List . . . Some Old TNG Reviews