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This page contains links to on-site and off-site pages related to Election 2000.

Content of these pages tends to be a bit more rancorous and less academic than content on other pages, so be forewarned.

The dates added information may help you evaluate information.

April 8, 2001

How are Electors Chosen? A brief article that addresses the question posed in the hyperlink title.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION LAW/The Recount Looks like an excellent resource for factual articles related to the post-election struggle to gain the Whitehouse.

Links December 13, 2000

57 Red Flags A series of allegations and links purporting to prove "Bush did not win the popular vote in Florida.

Latest Additions as of December 1, 2000

Election 2000 Myths Received November 29, 2000, 11:00 am. Site leans slightly towards Gore, but is generally balanced and has some excellent information.

Criteria for Success With all the rancorous rhetoric in the air, has anyone considered what an election is supposed to achieve? What must Election 2000 achieve in order to be considered successful?

Equal Time Having been advised by my technical support staff that I was losing perspective, I included this page which I received in an email.

An Email and Comments I received an email specfically related to one of my pages. It is a very good email. It is posted unedited followed my reaction to it. It relates to specifics of election night customs and what happened between Gore and Bush after the votes were in.

Added November 27, 2000, 6:50 am CST

Speech This is the speech that Al Gore should give when he speaks today. Based on Lieberman's statement to the press last night, I doubt if it's the one we will hear.

Added November 25, 2000

Facts, Posturing, and Lies - Election 2000 Style Analysis of post-election conduct of both major parties in the context of the term moral ascendancy.

Added November 23, 2000

Comments/Analysis of Election 2000 The title says it all. Stop by for some more wit and wisdom offered up by yours truly.

Added November 10, 2000

Election 2000 Clarification If you have questions/issues related to the current situation regarding the US year 2000 Presidential election, visit this page, just added. You get the benefit of my considerable experience in finding good pages to visit.

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