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Money and Taxes

The reason this web site exists is to provide information about the Constitution to help bring about positive change.

To bring about that change, it is necessary to talk about money and taxes.

The links on this page are related to those topics.

A Future Economics If you're interested enough to visit TCNbP's money page, you really ought to visit this site.

The Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism The title says it all.

Failure Analysis of 20th Century Economics Page is maintainer's 'book' on the Web, and and contains an extensive 'natural law thesis'. This thesis provides a new and un-precedented description of the circular flow of money (units of currency) of any national household. Facts and figures in the 'Technical Appendices' of this thesis support the monetary and tax policy changes referred to as "Corrective Actions" required for the 21st Century.

The Amateur Economist Some thoughts about economy and the Constitution from a lay enthusiast.

The Austrian School of Economics Page has links (with descriptions) to a series of articles or works by members or former members, and at least on almost member of the Austrian School of Economics. Nice stuff about money there.

ARGUMENT FOR EXTENSIVE TAX REFORM The title says it all. Maintainer makes a good presentation.

THE FSIA and MAI Although written by Australians with an eye to Australian interests, these comments on money and banking are easily transposed to American (or any other) terms. Is a one-world-bank such a great idea? Current events discussed in the context of this economic paradigm.

Federal Reserve and the Great Depression Page cites a 1932 report by Hon. Congressman Louis T. McFadden concerning the great depression and how it was caused by the Federal Reserve.

INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY An amazing site. It immediately got put on the Top Ten site list. Check it out!

Taxation as Theft An excerpt to that effect from a US supreme Court ruling is cited on this page and the idea is developed from there.

A Primer on Incorporation and Monopoly This is a brief informative treatise on the sequence (timeline history) of various forms of economy that impacted events on the American continent, and eventually you and me. Site has other interesting pages.

The History of U.S. Paper Money A brief dated outline of events related to paper money on the American contintent since the 17th century.

Federal Reserve Board An unauthorized, politically incorrect, but likely true history thereof.

The Delicate Act of Balancing the Budget An essay that tells what budget means, good read.

Political Money: The New Prohibition An essay about the effects of money on the outcome of elections and the author's opinion as to the best course of action.

Liberty & Justice for Some web site rendition of a hard copy publication by same name. Text focusses on Constitutional vs unConstitutional money.

MoneyTalk$ Online Web version of a publication of Coalition to Reform Money.

Impact of Taxes on Course of Civilization On-line book review. Premise is compelling. This is another book I intend to order. When I found this on the net, that was my impetus to create this category of links.

Federalist Paper #30 Addresses issues of money and taxes from pro-Federalist point of view.

Boston Tea Party - the Next Generation Information about Social "Security" and your children.

Truth in Money If the current monetary system is bad (and it is not without its drawbacks), the proposals in this book are likely worse.

A Tale of Two Revolutions Lessons about money derived from the French Revolution.

The Price of Civilization Taxation in War and Depression, 1933-1946. Site analyzes tax policy during depression era and World War II.

CIRF A page dedicated to discussion about freedom and responsibility. Has some interesting stuff about money, too.

Dialogue on Money - To Love Is To Be Happy With Some thoughts about money on a personal level, relates money and happiness.

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