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Of the thousands of links available at TCNbP Company's website, those presented on this page are of the greatest benefit to the visiting web surfer in the opinion of our dedicated staff.

Sites are presented in no particular order. The original of this page was to keep the number less than 10. This proved impossible. Then the idea became to limit the total number of sites on this page to less than 20. Oh, well, I just hope the number stays manageable for visitors here.


A Guide to the Philosophy of Objectivism An on-line book. It's worth a stop just to look at the table of contents. Seriously, you can see just by a glance at the table of contents how many commonly known concepts are intertwined.


P.o.W.E.R. Project on Winning Economic Reform. The top page on this site has graphic which involves a bull, a cape, and a matador. This graphic and the associated commentary is what earned a Top Sites link for the page. Other material on the site is good, too.


Study Guide to Insights of Rudolf Steiner This page is an example of serious study. It says nothing specifically about the Constitution; however, it does broach the topics of history and freedom.


A Critique of Barlow's "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" A second look at the net. Broaches some very basic tenants of liberty. Addresses and assesses current situation and possibilities posed by the net. Slightly negative, alarmist in tone, but highly credible.


US Constitution in the 20th Century An essay based on the history of the US Constitution which addresses the relevance/adequacy of the US Constitution in the 20th century.


Nomenklatura Article poses good description of the way things are plus (what I consider to be a good guess) about what could happen next and how you and I on the internet will participate/observe/create that change.


Waco, the Rules of Engagement order site. After 3 other sources I ordered from could not deliver this tape, this site did. Excellent, courteous, prompt service. Good price. That's what got it listed on my top sites page. I am not compensated for these remarks in any way. Click mc for more of my comments about the film and related issues.


Ghandi's 7 Blunders of the World . . . . . . that Lead to Violence plus some other thoughts related in a 1995 on-line exchange of ideas. Page is a compilation of postings involving Ghandi's list of 7 blunders and still current events. Great stop.


Theory of Government A very thoughtful and most excellent essay that sketches out what proper government is or at least should be. By accident, I discovered this page near the time when the top sites page was getting full. If I ever re-arrange this page in rank of excellence, look for this link very near the top of the list.


American Civil Religion This excellent essay touches on several parts of the US Constitution and numerous pertinent issues related to its interpretation. mc


F.A.C.T.S. The maintainer has been a student and somewhat scholar of the American process of government for over 28 years and is not exactly a friend of Federalism. He calls himself a friend of the true republic, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. His concept of federalism and all the things he attaches it to is what got his site placed on this list. See mc for more of my thoughts on this site.


Waco and Me Personal anecdotes and observations about Waco. Call this listing a shameless act of self-promotion if you must, but consider, the page that was formerly listed here no longer exists and I just posted this page. What's a guy supposed to do?


FindLaw An excellent and extensive resource site with an Annotated Constitution, a Constitution Law Message Board, a list of Civil Rights Topics, a civil rights Message Board, and a List of Related Legal Topics. Of course, the site has a great deal more than even that, but these are the areas of the site likely to be of the most interest to visitors here. Once you're there, feel free to poke around.


Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government. Quotations from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson compiled by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr. of Metarie Louisiana. Now with over 2,600 excerpts from Jefferson's writings, this site contains much more than just a collection of quotations arranged by topic. It provides a fair statement of the complete political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.

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Click the "Book Search" button above. Over 500 titles found as of July 11, 1998. Each title has abundant information including professional reviews, reviews by readers/authors, or author interviews. is an on-line bookstore with an excellent reputation for price and service.

NOTE: You can type something besides "Constitution" in the "Enter keywords . . ." box to refine your search.


The ANTI-Constitutonalist Yes. You read it right. This page makes the top sites list because it is the only page found to date that argues against the Constitution beyond the point of some erudite comment like, "It sucks." The arguments are fleshed out rather well. See mc for more of my reflections on this page.


The Rational Anarchist Upon struggling and re-struggling and re re struggling with the idea of a Constitutional Republic as proposed in the Constitution, and finding some of its failings apparently insurmountable, I am led to consider other models of government. This is one such model. And the page that presents it is, in my estimate, an excellent page. Hence, its entry here.


Barefoot Bob's No list of top sites related to the Constitution would be complete without a link to Barefoot Bob's. It was among the first sites discovered on the web by TCNbP Company's dedicated research staff. It was a mega site even then. It includes a huge assortment of off-site links along with an equally voluminous array of on-site material. Site has a positive genteel tone.


Failure Analysis of 20th Century Economics Page is maintainer's 'book' on the Web, and and contains an extensive 'natural law thesis'. This thesis provides a new and un-precedented description of the circular flow of money (units of currency) of any national household. Facts and figures in the 'Technical Appendices' of this thesis support the monetary and tax policy changes referred to as "Corrective Actions" required for the 21st Century.

Note: Maintainer got his site listed here by becoming the "First No-Cost Write-In Candidate for President of the United States via the Internet". His detailed economic analysis ain't bad neither . . .


Critiques Of Libertarianism Whatever your take on Libertarianism, this is a rebuttal site with total class. If you have a need to rebutt some position on some issue, take heed of this excellent example. And, while you're there, you can even learn a little about the Constitution.


The six links below are all situated on one site THE INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY. Be prepared to have your world view totally re-arranged before clicking on them. If you did more in history class than just memorize answers, fill out tests and promptly forget about it, this site is one you'll want to visit many times. Even if that's all you did, you can get a lot out of it.








A Rational Life The maintainer is retired from engineering, teaching, and dabbling in computers. The topics on his site involve the Constitution and reach into deeper philosophical aspects of life. Site even has its own search engine! Be prepared to spend some time.


Sean Strasburg's Home Web Page The maintainer is a Doctoral candidate in plasma physics who applies a lot of the Constitution to several issues. You can gain a lot from visiting this site. Be prepared to spend a little time and poke around some.


The Embarrasing 2nd Amendment The material on this link describes 5 modes of Constitutional interpretation. It applies these modes of interpretation to the second amendment. From this example, you can readily apply these modes of interpretation to other areas of the Constitution. A must read whatever your position on the second amendment.


Web Guide to the Constituton Yes, our very own page is your one stop resource for a lot of good information about the Constitution.

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