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This page is reserved for those recent additions whose time on the top page has expired.

As new and exciting items become yesterday's news, their entry on the top page is removed and replaced by others.

When a new entry is made on the top page, a corresponding entry is made here. The entry made here stays, more or less, permanently, providing a log of the most exciting items placed on The Constitution Resource Center web site.

Note: This page was added on March 29, 2001 at 2 pm CST.

Added April 12, 2001

No Confidence An Unofficial Account of the Waco Incident Danforth report is not the last word on Waco. Hyperlink takes you to a 4-paragraph executive summary of an 18-page article, dated April 9, 2001, written by Timothy Lynch, director of the Cato Institute's Project on Criminal Justice. Full text of that report, in pdf (Adobe) format, is available here.

Added March 29, 2001, 12:12pm

The Liberty Dollar Bill Act A bill before Congress, H.R.1021, initiated by students, to put an abridged version of the Constitution on the back of U.S. currency. Just think, everytime someone uses a dollar, they are reminded of the Constitution! Check it out.

Added December 13, 2000, 2:12 pm

Election 2000 and . . . Page discusses those aspects of the Constitution for the United States of America which became relevant during the post-election struggle to gain the Whitehouse during election 2000. A concerted effort was made to keep the content fair and objective.

Added December 1, 2000, 6:50 am CST

Election 2000 Index Page contains links to on-site and off-site content related to Election 2000. Content is a bit more rancorous and less academic than other materials accessible from this site.

Added November 10, 2000

Text, Constitution for the United States of America Entire text of Constitution exactly as included in the TCN program. Very faithful rendition.

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