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Resource Links

Links displayed on this page are to more or less politically neutral web sites.

NOTE: New links are added at the top of the list. The further down you go, the older the link and the greater the possibility that it may dead. Most recent dead link purge: July, 2000. is a totally free site where law students and recent graduates post ads to sell used case books, study aids, course outlines and even Bar Review materials.

The Public Purpose To facilitate the ideal of government as the servant of the people by identifying and implementing strategies to achieve public purposes at a cost that is no higher than necessary. is a comprehensive source of legal information, tools and news covering twenty-five topics. The site features a newsletter, forms, FAQs, checklists, bookstore, legal plans, Find an Attorney, attorney marketing services and helpful links. In their five years online, they have won over 80 awards and honorable mentions including, USA Today, Fortune Magazine and NBC.

LawTalk - The Constitution and Its Amendments (.au format) A series of 10 audio files, each about 1 minute in length, related to specific Constitutional issues. Each file is about 500k in size, so download is pretty fast. Definitely worth a listen.

Constitutional Law Topics Law library page on a site whose creator says: I love baseball, but I think loyalty to government is a self-inflicted wound. There is probably no greater act of patriotism than rebellion. Jesus loves you more than you will know.

The Schuyler Flatts A site with information regarding indentured servants, a class of individuals recognized in the Constitution for purposes of the census - including those bound to Service for a Term of Years

Philosophy of Law Lecture Outlines This page links you to a series of outlines to lectures for a junior level college philosopy course. Excellent general concepts related to the Constitution are contained in these outlines.

Black Quest An educational and heritage CD ROM game that celebrates, preserves and reinforces the African American Culture, Legacy and History. mc

LAW for Idiots Site has several historical rights documents.

Polybius and the Founding Fathers: the separation of powers Contributions of an ancient Greek historian to the concept of separation of powers, a major concept of the US Constitution.

American Revolution An extensive set of resources that provide information about the first American Revolution. Has a nice on-line course and lexicon.

9 Amendments Skeptically Reviewed Beginning with the 13th amendment, this page challenges the need/validity of 9 amendments.

Broken Badge: The Silencing of a Federal Agent A book detailing a recent Serpico at the Federal level. Although the mainstream media presents such situations as the exception (as may well be the case), these exceptional situations appear to be becoming the rule.

Law & Politics Internet Guide Designed for the legal profession and layperson, Law and Politics Internet Guide is your one-stop source for legal and government research. Links are divided into 16 categories. Maintainer apparently reviews each link personally before posting, as is done on my site.

The 'lectric Law Library Frankly, I wasn't sure whether to put this site here on the humor links page. Looks extensive. Nice quotes on top page. If you think site is a joke, please let me know and I will move this link.

Roadmap to the US Constitution Nice site developed by a couple of high school students.

History of the World Huge links page with a section devoted to the United States.

Constitution Finder Broken down alphabetically by nation, this index leads to constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents.

South Carolina History: The American Revolution A very finely sifted alphabetical index with links to pages related to South Carolina's role in the first American Revolution.

The Constitution Test Sample immigration test with answers. Think you could pass it?!!

The Memory Hole Nice series of topics addressed quite well, thank you very much! Maintainer appears to be in sympathy with (shudder!) anarchism

American Civil Religion Excellent essay involving many aspects of the Constitution. Immediately made my Top Sites list. See also mc

History Guy's Links This page has links to founding documents. Other pages on site related to other aspects of history surrounding Constitution.

The Study Page The history links on this page will be the section of most likely interest for visitors to TCNbP's site.

Natural Laws and Basic Human Rights An excellent essay supported by excerpts from the Constitution. Maintainer has spent the past 28 years studying legitimate government and observing the actions of those acting in the name of our government. His concept of federalism (on other pages) earned him a place in my Top Sites list. See mc for more of my thoughts on this site.

The Idea of the Constitution Some 18th-century comments by Samuel Coleridge on the State and the Constitution as ideas and their relationship as such.

FindLaw An excellent and extensive resource site with an Annotated Constitution, a Constitution Law Message Board, a list of Civil Rights Topics, a civil rights Message Board, and a List of Related Legal Topics. Of course, the site has a great deal more than even that, but these are the areas of the site likely to be of the most interest to visitors here. Once you're there, feel free to poke around.

Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government. Quotations from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson compiled by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr. of Metarie Louisiana. Now with over 2,600 excerpts from Jefferson's writings, this site contains much more than just a collection of quotations arranged by topic. It provides a fair statement of the complete political philosophy of Thomas Jefferson.

Eagle Software On-line materials and off-line software for the politically active.
Enter keywords...

Click the "Book Search" button above. Over 500 titles found as of July 11, 1998. Each title has abundant information including professional reviews, reviews by readers/authors, or author interviews. is an on-line bookstore with an excellent reputation for price and service.

NOTE: You can type something besides "Constitution" in the "Enter keywords . . ." box to refine your search.

Archiving Early America "The Archiving Early America site breathes new life into old and cherished documents, including newspapers, maps and other 18th century writings. The only thing missing is the musty smell." (from on-site review by USA TODAY Online )

The American Presidency Selected resources and informal reference guide.

The Political Graveyard Ever wanted to know where a politician is buried? This is the site to visit. Interesting biographical information is included.

LINCOLN'S LEGAL ARGUMENTS AGAINST SECESSION Although this topic is currently associated with political movements (some presented in a most unfavorable of light in the media), the authors tone and use of actual sources qualifies it readily as a resource.

P. ot U. S. The Presidents of the United States site has biographical sketches of all US Presidents along with information about significant events/policies/etc. related to the term of each.

The ANTI-Constitutonalist Yes. You read it right. This page even makes my Top Ten list because it is the only page found to date that argues against the Constitution beyond the point of some erudite comment like, "It sucks." The arguments are fleshed out rather well. See mc for more of my reflections on this page.

Law Museum Hall of Fame Short descriptions of the of the lives and times of the most famous (or infamous) people that have shaped our law or legal institutions. The persons selected are taken from all nations and eras and based only on merit. Not all are lawyers.

Direct Democracy Frederick Douglass, in this text, raises some fundamental questions about the issues of separation of powers and the amendment process. He expresses alarm and dismay about a 19th century attempt to fundamentally alter the amendment process in a way the would effectively bring about direct democracy in the United States. mc

1862 Report First report from [the then] newly created Department of Agriculture. Only one allusion to the Constitution is made, but it is telling in its context. Also reference to Abraham Lincon as "his excellency" is interesting . . . . . . dedicated to assembling the most complete collection of law-related shareware, freeware, and commercial demos on the Web. These folks found TCNbP Company before TCNbP Company found them, so they are out there beating the bushes. Well worth a stop.

Justice Center Web Site A balanced treatment of the death penalty maintained at University of Alaska at Anchorage.

Impeachment A list of on-line and hard copy resources relating to impeachment.

Table of Constitutional Documents Although this list is more directly related to Canadian history, some of the documents listed pre-date the US Constitution and are therefore relevant. Also, a study of those Canadian documents that post-date the US Constitution may be illuminating.

Constitution Index An alphabetical index with links to every national Constitution in the world.

General Law Concepts Site presents general law concepts based, apparently, upon the history of Maryland. Concepts are basic enough to be of general interest. You have to do some poking around to find information, but it's worth it. Site includes information and an on-line bookstore.

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry Page consists of links to a very impressive set of books or CD-ROM's available on-line. Common themes of linked resources are religion and science.

National Constitution Center Content slants slightly toward expansion of power of federal government.

"Bands" of the Political Spectrum At the top of this page are links to definitions of 5 more or less distinct political positions ranging from Libertarian to Authoritarian. Even if you don't totally agree, the parameters of these definitions are something you should try to work into your own.

American Politics Site content focuses as much on media coverage of politics as it does on politics itself. mc It is the longest continually running political web site on the net, having begun in the late 80's! on compuserve when text was it!

Towards an ethics of responsibility A page with some excellent observations on human nature and history.

US History on CD-ROM Site has a large variety of CD-ROMS with American History resources for sale.

Historic Documents of the united States of America Links to a good set of early documents . . .

Communist Manifesto At the top of this page is a question. Below the question, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution appear on one side of the page and the Communist Manifesto appears on the other. mc

Proceedings of the Friesian School For those who enjoy heady intellectual exchanges on-line, this is a place to go. The Constitution gets mentioned once or twice, too.

INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY An amazing site. It immediately got put on the Top Ten site list. Check it out!

Anti-Federalist Papers This page is an index of 85 papers that express Anti-Federalist opinions. A summary is displayed for each paper. Click hyperlink to read the associated paper. Nice work.

Commented Constitution Maintainer has copy of the Constitution with analysis inserted into each paragraph.

Property Rights, the Actual Objective for the Bill of Rights? Well written article on that issue by Steven Hill.

BluPeter's Legal Historical Links A great set of links well organized to biographies of historical legal philophers and others who made significant contributions to legal history.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Adopted in April, 1992, makes for an interesting comparative analysis with the US Constitution.

Summary of Our Constitutional Rights By Captain Nemo. Comprehensive List

When Rights are Wrong An essay about rights and responsibilities by William J. Stuntz.

Big Search Page A site dedicated to making legal info available to everyone, not just "government".

Law Student 3's Stupendous and Fabulous Legal Resourses for Students An extensive site with a truly great set of links for the lay student or students slugging their way through academia.

Center for the American Founding Links to documents from the founding era.

History Links A huge set of links broken down by country maintained by University of California, Riverside.

18th Century History Site has links and books.

History Channel Web Page Articles by and scheduling information for the television network.

Take the Constitution Test Nice on-line test with answers.

Sean Strasburg's Bookmarks An excellent set of Constitution links at the top, with other topics of maintainer's interest at bottom.

American and British History Resources An extensive set of links to historical resources on the net.

Judicial Activism vs Restraint A good discussion of the proper role of the judiciary.

Garnier Legal Links Nice set of legal resource links.

Government Links Law Links Sections of interest from Lucien Campbell's Internet Navigator. Good set of links with some comments.

Barefoot Bob's Web Home: The site with 800+ relevant links and more. Not only does this maintainer have a lot of good information about the Constitution, he also points the way to a vast array of information of value to any person seriously intent upon a legitimate personal "pursuit of happiness." Yes, this site contains a lot of material describing ails and abuses of those acting (present and past) in the name of "our government". But other information on this site points to the vast possibilities of life that "our government" is decidedly NOT supposed to interfere with. GO THERE NOW!!!

American Legal History A non-establishment view of American Legal History. Has academic tone.

A Rational Life The TCNbP Website is devoted to taking you to information about the Constitution. The Constitution in turn is a document upon which a self-governing society is based. Self (individual) government in turn is based upon concepts held by the individual. This link takes you to a site related to self government viewed from the aspect of its tangible personal individual foundation (the ultimate elemental substance of that foundation being understanding) as opposed to the abstract offices and powers created by the Constitution.

Library of Congress If you don't know that this is, you really should go there at least once. 'nuff said.

Our Vote is Our Voice PBS interactive discussion site based on 18th (and early 19th) century debates involving Jefferson and Henry. How would you have voted in those elections?

PBS Home Page Links to PBS programming-related sites.

State Constitutions United States Historical Documents Archive Site has an interesting variety of documents available in html or text format.

www.OUR Has source documents + newsletter, and site maintainer will field questions.

Historical Documents Extensive online archive maintained by the University of Oklahoma Law Center. Archive is nicely indexed by time periods.

Myron Calhoun's Home Page Professor has numerous quotes (360K total size of home page) related to economic freedom and 2nd amendment.

Decline of Civic America On-line article with links to parent publication. I found the premise and focus relevant and stimulating. 'Hope you will, too.

Madison's Constitutional Amendments From a speech where he proposes amendments. Gives insights into his thoughts at the time, and no doubt, the thoughts of some others.

American History Interactive Project Site A resource that lets you borrow and contribute!

Other Texts Great list of source documents. See listing immediately above this one.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library Numerous germane documents available.

Clamen's Political Archives Despite word "politics" in title, this is more of a source of links to significant documents than a forum for a particular group.

Gutenberg List of Political Writings Numerous interesting documents available.

Constitution Suspended, Yes or No Based on the topics broached on this page, I might well have put it on my Political Links page. However, the maintainer makes his points with measured language and supports his assertions so well, I decided to put it here, on my Resource Links page.

Comparative Analysis On-line text compares and contrasts the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.

Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page Mega links to books, on-line books, criminal justice information and humor.

THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO AMERICAN HISTORY Doug Adams fans and fans of American History alike will want to visit this page.

United States History Research Links Page The site name says it all.

Jefferson Party The directory for this site is over 200K in size! There are so many html files that I did not bother to count them. Each html file contains the maintainers comments on a specific topic. Numerous relevant topics broached. The text I skimmed has an assured tone to it. Well worth a stop.

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources The title says it all.

Establishing the History of the Establishment Clause, part 1. Maintainer makes excellent points about the Constitution in general and the 1st amendment especially. Also, refreshing to find someone else interested in an aspect of 1st amendment other than "free speech".

The Conspiracy Bugaboo Article addresses/debunks conspiracy theories.

Economic Plutocracy Compare economic conditions described on this page to what you see happening. Then compare that with your expectations of government under the Constitution.

The Constitution Page - from LSU Many useful links related to the Constitution and politics.

Critiques Of Libertarianism The material on this page addresses a range of political issues with a rational tone and such clarity that I feel it is appropriate to list it under resources.

Search Engine Browse Sections

One way to use a search engine is to find that box where you type in a search key and see what you get. That's how I did it mostly at first.

Then I found the Browse headings. A few of these thousands literally(!) of headings were rich in materials pertinent to a full study of the Constitution. Check these out.

Yahoo:Top:Arts:Humanities:Philosophy:Political Theory Do you need more than the section heading?


Yahoo:Top:Society and Culture:Civil Rights

Yahoo Master Search Engine List This is a list of over 90 (and growing) search engines available on the Web. I put this link here for the benefit of those who might not be inclined to go to my Search Engine page.

Webcrawler: Government & Politics Activism

Webcrawler: Humanities History

Feel free to e-mail TCNbP Company the URL of any other site(s), including your own, of likely interest to those visiting the TCN program web site. Thank You!

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